Started in 1986, under the name of Psycho Clown Ink, Razee Ink
published a collection of poems entitled Indecent Composure. Shortly
thereafter, video and audio production entered the picture, so to
speak. Co-produced by institutions such as the Colorado Institute
of the Arts, and the University of Colorado, Razee Ink has participated
in several live performances and video shoots, including Barriers,
Oozing Words into Emotion
, and It. Stay tuned for details
on how to get your copy of these archival masterpieces!

Beginning in 1997, The Composition Department began operating as an umbrella organization overseeing the promotion of several visual and literary artists. Members included a wire sculptor, an installation designer, a beadmaker, and glassblower, in addition to several literary artists. Programming included Electronic Quiver, a quarterly electronic newsletter, and a “First Aid Kit for Artists.”

Organized under the name of Razee Ink, the present incarnation began in 2000. To date, there are two books published under the masthead of Razee Ink, with four more in planning stages of production. In addition, an electronic weekly magazine, Visual Orphans, began publication. In 2006, Razee-TV joined the Razee family, and we decided to take over the world, one eyeball at a time. A year later, bootleg productions, a band, and music collective, was formed.

The explosion of Web 2.0 led to the Razee family huddling up and making a play. In 2011, Razee Ink, Razee-TV, and Razee Radio began collaborative relationships with Open Press, Ltd. and the Invisible Museum.

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