Verbal Hotel Rooms

An Experimental Cyberlinguistical Collection of Short Stories

It begins here.
1st Floor:

bastard thoughts

my comfort zones

it was love’s fault

who stole your heart?

your answers

usual forms of improvision

Don’t panic!

understand my silence

not saying a word


2nd Floor:

what can I say?

these thoughts

It is not hard to believe her.

The ghost opens her mouth

hallowed ground

tunnel of dreams

the canvas

stay in bed

the rest is history.


3rd Floor:

a huge man

a real hottie with big tits and an nice ass

without vision

immediately without hesitation

a vibrating dildo

the image of another character

a place to slave for a price


4th Floor:

the puzzle

made out of copulating compliments

their separate ways

we are already there

when I first saw you

take my word for once

it is too obscene to me

listening to you

love is the mess you made


5th Floor:

the next century

in the eve

technicolor frenzy

another pill

next loser’s revolution

your imagination

bedroom talk

through the wires

phone came baby


6th Floor:

the honeymoon over

make believe that you believe in me

a script

the butler

fuck you very much

we parked the lost dream

you folks

for a moment or two

the paperwork


7th Floor:

Lend me your clown

a bigger liar

you have proved me so wrong

let’s not be shy

I was begging her

I want her to die.

and set fire to my dreams

We cannot hear you.

Do something.


8th Floor:

a journal of public identities

the self she presents

memories that smell like gasoline

not pretending

one afternoon

the nightmare


9th Floor:

we dug into the rotted earth

a past

not seen a car

blanketed your heart

the therapist

feelings and thoughts

not blinded by the lust of my loins

but to hear me talk?

(c) Razee Ink 2000-2009

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